How do schools help children with cystic fibrosis and what support do they get?


 The suggestions below are all things that would enhance the school experience for a student with Cystic fibrosis. At the hospital school we would also see many of these actions/ suggestions as being good practice for students with other chronic medical conditions.

  • Very good communication between parents/carers and home school.

  • Termly (at least) review of their Healthcare Plan. Then depending on general attendance and age of student a second set of core (at least) text books at home so that when they cannot be at school they can access their work if appropriate.

  • All passwords and usernames for MLE known if used at school.

  • Being able to leave class 5mins earlier and joining the lunch queue earlier to avoid crowded corridors during class changeover.

  • Discussions between school family and LA for 'as and when' home tuition.

  • Access to quiet warm space e.g. library when under usual circumstances pupils may not have access, at lunchtime etc.

  • Considerations about PE, the communication is very important here as PE is good for CF but a real discussion needs to happen with PE staff to ensure there is an understanding of the condition and that PE may not be appropriate some of the time.

  • Arrangements put in place when PE is not appropriate.

  • If a students level of well being deteriorates some start/end their school day later/earlier and there is also the possibility of dropping subjects after serious consideration and discussion.

  • Discussion with the examinations officer at the start of exam years. As with all students, some CF students may have specific learning needs, these will also need to be taken into account and addressed.

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