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In Conversation... Reducing mental health problems in schools

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With the current focus on wellbeing and mental health programmes being delivered in schools, this podcast from ACAMH (The association of child and adolescent mental health) may be of interest to those working in Primary Schools.

This ‘In Conversation’ podcast of Dr Sophie Browning, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, talking to psychology journalist Jo Carling, discusses Dr Browning’s work on developing a whole class psycho education approach to supporting wellbeing and mental health in Primary Schools.

The programme, Cues Ed www.cues-ed.co.uk , is based in CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) and delivered by health professionals. It was developed by Clinical Psychologists and CBT therapists from the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust. The programme, delivered to whole classes over several weeks, helps children to recognise and make links between thoughts, feelings and behaviour. It encourages them to learn how to talk about this with others. It teaches children how to notice the signs (cues) when things aren’t right and gives them strategies and techniques to help them manage difficulties.  Dr Browning talks enthusiastically about the feedback from children involved in the programme and the short term positive outcomes. Follow up suggests that all children benefit from the programme but those classed as more vulnerable show the greatest impact. The programme continues to evaluate its impact through questionnaires and standardised assessment tools.

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