Take time for a rest

and breath

A roller coaster, a carousel, a roundabout... These come to mind as we look at summing up this last term. And if you’ve ever experienced any of these fairground or playground rides you’ll know they can leave you with mixed feelings; exhilaration and excitement together with dizziness and slight nausea. Read more

It’s been a term of excitement as life for children and young people was feeling a bit more ‘normal’. Bubbles had gone, many playgrounds were full again and school concerts and plays were back on the agenda. Many of these things are still going ahead but the overall feeling is that just when we thought we knew what was around the corner; we suddenly find we don’t again.

Words like resilience, creativity and determination have been used throughout this pandemic. It’s good to know that when it comes to overcoming adversity, the joint effort of a profession can really make a difference to children’s lives but equally, it takes courage to recognise when it’s time for rest and recuperation. As we head towards the end of term and the holiday ahead we all need time to rest and recharge. This will look different for each of us, staff and students. How we achieve this will be varied and no doubt as creative as the efforts we’ve put into keeping education going throughout the last year and a half.

So, if your thing is to climb a mountain, eat your weight in mince pies, catch up on the booker prize shortlist, start mindfulness or any other self-care pursuit, just remember, by taking care of your mental health and wellbeing will directly impact your student’s wellbeing. The research tells us this, though many of us knew this already. We don’t always do the things we know we should, especially when others are in need but we can at least try.

Hoping you have the opportunity for a restful and peaceful holiday time.

The Well at School Team.

If you want to know more about the research you can find it here: www.wellatschool.org/wellbeing/staff-wellbeing


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