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Students describe their experience of lockdown, returning to school and hopes for the future.
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During lockdown I found it very difficult and being isolated from the people I care about felt completely unbearable. When I found out that there was a small place that we could go from Monday to Friday during lockdown to do schoolwork I was so excited.

I did have times where I was nervous and worried, but going in gave me confidence in learning and in myself to get through the whole pandemic. After the summer and getting the email that we have a new and permanent school building I was so intrigued and desperate to see it.

On the first day it felt strange but also so fun and new! I absolutely love the new school, the space, the outside and just being able to see my friends and teachers again. I am very grateful for this school.



What’s it like being back at school? To be frank, I enjoy going back to school because I like learning, it’s all so much fun, the children here are so friendly and kind.

One thing I’ve learnt being in school is to work hard and enjoy it because you only have one life and you need education to succeed in life and also for a better future.

In the future I would love to become a successful actress who works hard and is grateful for what they’ve got and someone who doesn’t judge people because of where they come from or their past.


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