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Here are some English Resources we think can supplement the work many schools are providing, as standalone projects. We will be reviewing and adding to this resource list over the coming weeks.

The Literacy Trust is a leading charity working to improve children’s literacy skills. It has adapted its resource pages to support parents and carers with school at home. There are resources for Primary aged students. There are activities families can do together along with recommended reading by age group.

The Literacy Shed provides high quality films and animations that can be used with primary aged or even a little older to enhance the teaching of reading and writing. Some films may not be suitable for younger children and the site urges teachers/parents/carers to watch any films before showing them to children. There are great ideas of how the film clips can be used, ranging from dialogue writing, stimuli for descriptive writing and poetry.

Puffin Schools offers a range of short video clips to encourage students to be creative in their writing. There is a guide to planning a detective story or creating a magical world, to name but two. The advice is given by published authors, giving an authenticity to the task that may be engaging for budding writers.

teachitenglish has pulled together resources to support secondary aged students learning at home. Resources include word and pdf documents with activities and instructions. Some activities link directly to the pandemic, giving students an opportunity to write about their experiences.

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