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During these days of heightened anxiety due to the impact of Coronavirus (Covid-19) the Well at School team will continue to bring you information and advice that can help support school staff and parents and carers. We will be updating this blog post as the situation develops with information, advice and resources that reflect the situation being faced by those working with and caring for children and young people, both at home and at school.

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Supporting children and young people with medical and mental health conditions

Many children and young people will now start to access education from home. However a significant number will continue to attend school, and some of these children and young people will have chronic medical and mental health conditions. Some may be experiencing feelings of stress and anxiety due to the changes in life style that have been necessary due to the current pandemic.

A number of children and young people may need to attend a school that is different to their usual school or they may be taught by teachers unfamiliar to them. 

If you are working in a school and find you are teaching new students with a known medical or mental health condition please check our pages for information and practical advice on how to help students get the best out of school.

Dealing with feelings of anxiety

As information about the spread of coronavirus and the impact of the illness on vulnerable groups and the elderly becomes available, children and young people will ask questions and may feel increasingly anxious about the threat to themselves and their families. Unfamiliar routines and widespread information, sometimes inaccurate, may cause increased worry and changes in their behaviour. Our section on wellbeing in school may be helpful for schools to consider how to best support students and staff during the weeks and months ahead.

Additional Information & Resources

We have researched a range of resources that we think are helpful to both schools and parents. They have been selected as they provide up to date and accurate information from trusted sources.

Dr. Jon Goldin Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, working at Great Ormond Street Hospital discusses child mental health in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Young Minds article written for young people who may be feeling anxious about coronavirus

Young Minds article on looking after your mental health while self isolating

Young Minds article written for parents/carers with advice on talking to children about coronavirus

Supporting young people's mental health during periods of disruption. 
A set of resources collated by Mentally Healthy Schools for Primary Schools 

NHS information on coronavirus

Information on coronavirus from the leading Cystic Fibrosis charity

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