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Baroness Mary Warnock

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We were saddened to hear of the passing of Baroness Mary Warnock. We remember her launching Well at School back in 2011.

Philosopher, head teacher and Special Educational Needs champion; these are just a few of Mary’s many achievements. The Well at School team were extremely fortunate to have met her when she came to launch our website www.wellatschool.org in 2011.

Janette Steel, Principal of Chelsea Community Hospital School said, “She was such a special, wonderful person and applied her philosophy and knowledge of psychology to everything she did. Her work on special needs was focused not only on matching children to provision but on how we develop those provisions for all children.”

She was a woman of great intellect, who once said that one of the advantages of being a philosopher was not having a subject specialism, and that this forces one to read widely and to become an expert. This was something she did in her work in the fields of both education and health.

Her belief in all of us furthering our knowledge and expertise was echoed in her speech in the House of Lords when she spoke of the importance of Well at School for teachers:
I very much hope that the Well at School website will be very widely used in teacher training establishments and by teachers as individuals when they are faced with a problem that they do not quite understand. I recommend that website very highly to all teacher training establishments."
Baroness Mary Warnock - House of Lords 17th March 2011.

We all remember her as a warm, generous, interested person; committed to ensuring all children whatever their talents or individual needs, get the best possible education.


Maria Marinho, Janette Steel OBE and Baroness Mary Warnock
At the launch of Well at School, 2011



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