We help schools support students with medical and mental health conditions so they can fully engage in education.

Wellbeing and Mental Health


Our new Wellbeing and Mental Health section includes information on a range of school based interventions and the research supporting them.

With a national focus on the mental health needs of children and adolescents, many schools are reflecting on what they do or could be doing to support their students to be mentally healthy. With an explosion of information and resources directed at schools it can be a challenge for school staff to know where to start.

Based on our principle of working in partnership with health professionals, students and teachers to ensure our content is relevant and up to date, we have developed this new section to help staff in schools review, develop and implement strategies to support the wellbeing and mental health of their students.

We have researched current thinking and practice to bring together up to date evidence-based information and advice for staff in schools. Research evidence is summarized and clearly referenced.

A range of school-based interventions are explained with links to recent or ongoing evaluations. We include links to a wide range of resources which we have reviewed to ensure they are evidence based. For those interested in finding out more about mental health there are references to academic papers and commissioned reports.


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