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Social and Emotional Wellbeing

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Supporting Adolescent Learners: Social and Emotional Wellbeing. This short, free to access, online course by FutureLearn provides an opportunity to reflect on the specific needs of adolescent learners.

Up to date neuroscience research together with input from young people presents all those working in schools with the challenge of finding the best way to support young people’s social and emotional wellbeing.

The course covers theories of adolescence including their physical, social and emotional development stages. The course promotes embracing adolescence as an exciting stage of development full of opportunities rather than the traditional view of a time of trouble and difficulties. Risk taking is seen in a positive light, as a way of developing new skills and ideas.

Young people make it clear that positive relationships offering supportive guidance are crucial in supporting them navigate the challenges of life. Focusing on what young people do well rather than what they don’t do, shifts the focus and links to encouraging teachers to have a positive mindset.

The course goes on to look at different frameworks for developing school systems that actively support social and emotional wellbeing. Though the examples given were developed for Australian schools the principles are certainly universal. Helping young people to be self-aware, socially aware, develop self-management skills, build positive relationships and take responsible decisions are seen as central to supporting social and emotional wellbeing.

Schools need to provide support and guidance but also real opportunities for developing these skills. How we do this is challenge facing all those working in schools today. This course might help get you started.

Access the course here:
Supporting Adolescent Learners: Social and Emotional Wellbeing



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