Hospital admission

5 things you can do to help a student manage a hospital admission:

 1/ Keep in touch

Keep in contact with the student by email, text or phone to find out how you can support them.

2 / Send work
Be prepared to send work promptly by email or post to the hospital school. If the student has a sibling within the school work can be sent home with them to be brought into the hospital school.

2/ Discuss concerns
Discuss with the student and their carers / family about their concerns regarding their condition and how it will affect them when they return to school. This is very important if it is a newly diagnosed condition.

4/ Discuss medication
Ask the student and their carers / family about any concerns regarding administration of medication and possible side effects.

5/ Contact hospital school teachers
Exams, coursework and controlled assessments are important to all students, and having an illness can cause additional stress. However many hospital schools and tuition units are also exam centres and are able to make arrangements for students to sit exams and complete coursework when in hospital or recuperating at home. Remember to ask about this when you are making contact with the hospital teachers.


All schools have a duty to ensure that they support continuity of education for students with medical or mental health needs who may be at risk of missing out on their full entitlement to education.