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  • Information and resources on a range of medical and mental health conditions affecting children.
  • Advice from medical consultants, teachers and students on supporting children with a medical or mental health condition while they are at school.

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About us

Well at School is managed by Chelsea Community Hospital School. We continue to develop and update the website in partnership with health professionals and other hospital schools.

General advice

Hospital admission

5 things you can do to help a student manage a hospital admission.

1/ Keep in touch
2 / Send work
2/ Discuss concerns
4/ Discuss medication
5/ Contact hospital school teachers

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Returning to school

7 things you can do to help a student manage their return to school after a period of absence.

1/ Meet with the student and family / carer
2/ Welcome the student back
3/ Arrange for a member of the medical or hospital school / tuition unit to visit
4/ Liaise with the school nurse
5/ Ensure all staff are made aware
6/ Create a plan for catching up
7/ Monitor for changes

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