Information, resources and advice

  • Information and resources on a range of medical and mental health conditions affecting children.
  • Advice from medical consultants, teachers and students on supporting children with a medical or mental health condition while they are at school.

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General advice

Hospital admission

5 things you can do to help a student manage a hospital admission.

1/ Keep in touch
2 / Send work
2/ Discuss concerns
4/ Discuss medication
5/ Contact hospital school teachers

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Returning to school

7 things you can do to help a student manage their return to school after a period of absence.

1/ Meet with the student and family / carer
2/ Welcome the student back
3/ Arrange for a member of the medical or hospital school / tuition unit to visit
4/ Liaise with the school nurse
5/ Ensure all staff are made aware
6/ Create a plan for catching up
7/ Monitor for changes

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Latest news

Managing Exams

Students with medical and mental health issues may find that the pressures of exams can exacerbate their conditions. There is much that school staff can do to alleviate their worries. For detailed advice and support see the Mind website here.

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10th International HOPE Congress

We presented Well at School to the 10th International HOPE Congress in Vienna promoting it to collegues from hospital school throughout Europe.wellatschool hope

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Website Launch

Baroness Mary Warnock officially launched our website and followed it up with a speech at the House of Lords.

"This week, I was present at the launch of a new website especially designed for teachers in training and in post in the classroom. It was launched at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital School, which is a marvellous school. The website gives information and advice on an enormous number of difficulties that children may be experiencing in classrooms, starting with severe allergies and going through every possible educational obstacle. I very much hope that that website will be very widely used in teacher training establishments and by teachers as individuals when they are faced with a problem that they do not quite understand. I recommend that website very highly to all teacher training establishments." Baroness Mary Warnock - House of Lords 17th March 2011.


Maria Marinho (Assistant Head), Janette Steel (Head Teacher) and Baroness Mary Warnock.


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